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Rapidas Group offers a full range of website development services to enhance your online presence with feature-rich online storefronts for selling products/services, intranet applications to manage/distribute information securely to employees, and applications to enhance communication between your company and your clients/vendors.

Only 2% of website visits result in a proactive engagement from a new prospect. Creating a high performance, responsive website requires a strong understanding of your own business goals, your competition, the latest technologies, and the ever-changing SEO landscape. Rapidas Group created the performance by Design approach to ensure that every website we build will achieve your goals for online presence, usability and conversion rates.

Key steps include:

Achieve Your Business Goals

Most businesses know they need a website to be found in today’s crowded marketplace, but not all are clear about what that site can and should achieve. Rapidas Group will help you define and meet your website goals. Whether you’re aim is to improve search rankings, increase conversion of visits into leads, or drive eCommerce sales, we can help. Websites built with our Performance by Design approach:

Effective web design is critical to the success of your organization. In may cases, your web design and its related functionality are the sole conduit through which you will convey the overall experience of your brand, including your:

Depending upon your industry, over 72% of your potential new customers will seek you out online and over 80% of those who are looking to do business with you, will visit your web site before doing business with you.

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